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Definition of CIB

CIBs are specialized administrative units; groups concentrated to work on a specialized activity, pursuit, or interest; or organizations established within the University to promote and pursue collectively a technical or professional field of work, research, study/training, acquisition of external funds, and/or outreach to community, businesses, or external audiences (as per Regents’ policy 5.4.3). In the “Purpose” section of the R-401 proposal, the CIB must define its research, educational/instructional activity, or public service activity directly in line with its mission, with the understanding that it may also carry out additional activities also related to its primary mission. The definition of a center, institute, or bureau should reflect the unique characteristics of that unit. There is no standardized definition. CIBs do not ordinarily have responsibility for, nor authority over, academic curricula or faculty and should not compete with or duplicate the work of departments.

The choice of type of CIB (center, institute or bureau) emerges from the judgment of primary function and disciplinary norms made by the organizers and/or donor(s). However, institutes are usually larger units with a research focus.