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Types of CIB

There are many different varieties of Centers, Institutes, and Bureaus. Check the list below to find the category that best matches your CIB unit.

CIBs that require full institutional approval via the R401 template are those with an academic and/or research and/or service mission. The University of Utah, Board of Trustees, and State Board of Regents require the R401 abbreviated template for the approval of new CIBs that fall into the following categories.
  • Research – conducting research as primary mission and receiving overhead return.
  • Multi-Mission and Interdisciplinary
  • Research/Instructional/Training/Service – Some combination of research and training/instruction and/or service as mission.
  • National Resource Center – Federal title connected to funding source(s).
  • Centers of Excellence – State or Federal designation tied to funding sources.
  • Large State Designated standalone such as Huntsman Cancer Institute and UNI
Provisionally Approved CIBs – Approved for three years when funding or other criteria are pending.
Commissioner of Higher Education on behalf of Board of Regents Provisional Approval Process R401- 5.4.2. Conditional Three-Year Approval for New Centers, Institutes, or Bureaus (Abbreviated Template Required)

Note: Institutions may seek temporary approval from the Commissioner of Higher Education for a center, institute, or bureau which is being established on an experimental or pilot basis. The Commissioner will evaluate and approve requests for temporary approval on the basis of the following criteria and conditions:

  1. The proposed change requires a modest effort in terms of staff and space needs, normally with no permanent staff or no permanent facility assignment or is fully supported by external funding;
  2. activities involved are consistent with established institutional mission and role assignments;
  3. the administrative entity involved has programmatic affiliation with an existing academic program or department.

Temporary approval of centers, institutes, etc., may be granted for a period no longer than three years, after which an institution must request approval of the Regents.

Approval process may be expedited when there is a time-sensitive issue, such as a donor or other legitimate urgency, making the provisional or expedited temporary approval necessary. Verification of urgency will be made in writing by the President or Senior Vice President.

Certain categories of CIBs do not require the R401 approval process but they are subject to other approval processes.
  • Research Only Center – Conducting research as primary mission not receiving overhead return. Permission for this category of CIB requires permission from the cognizant SVP and Approval from the AVP for Research. Provisional approvals will be sent to the Academic Senate as information items, but at the next scheduled Senate meeting so as not to delay the approval.
  • Public Service Center – Public service as primary mission. Does not conduct research or offer credit-bearing courses.
  • University Resource Center – Provides University-wide resources for faculty and/or students. Approval for this category of CIBs requires approval directly from the cognizant Sr. Vice President and is governed by Student Affairs.
  • Intra-department/School/College Resource Centers – Provides services, such as facilitating mission-based activities, for the unit only. Requires initial approval by cognizant dean and chair, with faculty consultation.
  • Service Re-Charge Centers – “Operating centers established for the primary purpose of providing specialized services to the university community (although services may be provided on an incidental basis to external users).” All HSC core facilities are service re-charge centers; however, not all service re-charge centers are core facilities. Centers in this category must seek approval through Financial and Business Services.