CIB Reviews

All CIBs are required to report annually or more frequently when warranted, to the academic dean or group of deans who approved the original application, the dean of the Graduate School (via the CIB Review Coordinator), and to the cognizant Senior Vice President regarding governance, activities, budget, and resources.  Department chairs who have faculty or curriculum that are impacted by any CIB should be copied on the annual report.

To ensure academic integrity, a structure of governance and oversight through which direct decision-making regarding the planning of academic activities is in the hands of a body of faculty members,is required and specific academic activities should then be conducted under close observation by appropriately qualified faculty members. Reporting on curricular oversight, assessment, and changes should be included in annual review reports.

Units whose primary function is research development, or technology transfer and which are not affiliated with an academic unit will report to the Vice President for Research (VPR).  All others will report through the cognizant dean to either the Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs or the Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences as appropriate.  Vice presidents maintain their appropriate governance and oversight responsibility and review the regular review documents submitted through the Graduate School.

The administrator or other official responsible for preparing annual review reports is required to be designated in CIB proposals for new units.