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All CIBs under the jurisdiction of the Graduate Council (not University Resource Centers) will submit annual review reports to the CIB Review Coordinator in The Graduate School. The review reports will be overseen by the Graduate Council and conducted by the Graduate School, with appropriate participation by the Vice President for Research. The office of the Vice President for Research conducts additional annual budget reviews of all CIBs receiving Facilities & Administrative (F & A) funding.

A format, approved by the Graduate Council, and a regular cycle of review for each CIB has been established. Existing CIBs with a history of successful operation and management and clear lines of fiscal authority and responsibility may use annual reports prepared as part of their regular reporting responsibilities for the purposes of the review report.

The review reports will be checked for completeness by the CIB Coordinator. If any review report requests further review, it will be taken to the Graduate Council for discussion and appropriate action will be determined and taken. The dean of the Graduate School, with the support of the Graduate Council, has the authority to recommend to the cognizant Sr. Vice President the discontinuation of any CIB that remains out of compliance with the review/reauthorization cycle or whose review uncovers problems of a serious nature.


To avoid the duplication of review efforts, a CIB may submit a request to the Graduate Council to submit reports/reviews/audits that have been prepared by other agencies or entities having the responsibility to require such reviews, in lieu of separate Graduate Council CIB Reviews. Annual reports will be required from all CIB units regardless of the source of other required review reports and the Review Committee retains the right to solicit additional information not included in the separate reviews if it is deemed necessary.

FAILURE TO COMPLY or otherwise satisfactorily meet the requirements of an annual review may result in a recommendation to the cognizant Sr. Vice President for a reorganization, name change, or discontinuation of the CIB.