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CIB Annual Review Criteria

An annual report must be generated and delivered to the Graduate School, external advisory board of the CIB (if applicable), and made available to members of the CIB. It will describe current membership of the unit, a summary of financial status, accomplishments of the previous year, and goals for the next year. Annual CIB Report Fillable Form

    • Summary information from administrative financial officers who have been delegated by the President, cognizant Vice President, or VP of Research and must be included as part of the annual review report materials provided to the Dean of the Graduate School and CIB Review
    • The CIB should have at least one in-person meeting of its general members per year to discuss CIB business and At that meeting the annual report should be presented. Time must be allotted for open discussion and questions. Such a meeting is to be documented in the annual review report.
    • The external advisory board, if applicable, should meet at least once a year to discuss the annual Feedback from the external board is to be provided to the CIB and the Graduate School in the annual review report.
    • The Graduate School may trigger a formal review of a CIB if areas of concern emerge following an annual review report, or if an annual review report is not filed.